For breakfast I eat up my vowels, my a e i o u, to which I add from consonants a fricative or two;
After that I move my bowels then write as poets do, and frequently am quite surprised to feel a trill come through.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

there was evening --
stars eclipsed by thunderclouds,
and there was mourning:
one more day and god alone
who saw that it was good

A little bit of Turkish: Akşam (Evening) Karşı (Opposite, Contrary, Against) Gitmek (to go), Tan (Dawn) Yatmak (to lie down, rest, go to bed, pass the night, be imprisoned) -me/ma (suffix of negation)

Akşama karşı gitme, tana karşı yatma.
Go not against the evening, lie not against the dawn.

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